Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am here !

You may be mistaken for thinking I have run away, but I am here, I promise. Just that life is getting in the way of blogging. How rude!

I did have a wonderful time in South Australia last weekend with my dear dear friends. The pink breakfast was magnificent. Who thought I would look so great in a pink cowboy hat with silver sparkles. te he So much money raised for breast cancer research and it's a credit to the lass Tracey who's mission and drive it is to put on these events, having been a breast cancer survivor herself.

Other times I have been over to Port Mac I've been a passenger, but because I was going a day later than the rest of the girls, I drove myself over, with the aide of Susie (aka Smartarse Susie, Mike's GPS). We name her Smartarse Susie because she thinks she knows better than us, she got that name when I went to Tassie a few months ago, she kept having to do route recalculations and kept telling us we were over the speed limit, hmmmmph.

So anyway Susie and I headed over and I figure that yes, Susie would get me there without having to do much in the way of thinking myself except for driving. And Susie obviously doesn't know the shortcut that we usually go because she ended up taking me via Macarthur and Heywood. Heck. A bit of the long way, but I got there and home in the end.

So then after our washing machine had broken down (and the new one is going magnificently), our TV has decided to call it quits. This is our lovely big plasma. Thank heavens for plonking down the money for the extended warranty, it is 2 years and 1 month old! We still had another 11 months to go on the warranty. So its away getting fixed, something about a button inside which was turning the TV off every two minutes. I wonder if it was trying to tell us something. So we've done a TV rejig and have the one from the bedroom in the loungeroom which is mighty small after our big plasma. No good for subtitle movies, or our old eyes!

Now anyone in the mood for some birthday fun? Twolittlepixels is having it's second birthday. I know ... I can't believe it either. Sharon's baby has just turned two, and to celebrate there are fabulous grab bags from the designers. It would be telling, if I told you exactly what was in [ksharonkdesigns] grab bag, but needless to say as a hint, the below page was made with items from it.
One of my darling new American nephews celebrating his birthday recently. Do you know how hard it is to actually type the word "mommy", it looks so strange. At least for these little fingers typing anyway.


Goodies available here:


Lynne said...

Another lovely layout! What a cheeky little fellow he is!! LOL

Polly said...

Way too cute. Love your name for your GPS!!