Monday, November 2, 2009

My new mantra

Two weeks
Two weeks
Two weeks

I kept humming that to myself at work today. Two weeks till I have holidays from work. YAY! I'm so looking forward to just being me, not having to worry about work for three whole weeks, get things done for Christmas so I can go into a cruisy December, spend some time with my mum, do some shopping, I have quite a large list of things to accomplish in three weeks off work.

Who watched Idol last night? I'm really so over it this year. I think the judges are definitely trying to sway the voting public. I'm completely over JD and him playing favourites. I do like James but I don't think he's getting a fair go, he sings far and above better than the others, but JD just sees the dollars that the others will possibly make. I can honestly say if James goes out next Sunday I'm switching off, I will have absolutely zero interest in the outcome.

Now that's ALOT for me to admit, because I generally love watching Idol.

We had a really big electrical storm before but no rain. It was great being out watching it and not worrying about getting wet. Although Molly has turned into a huge scaredy dog. She hates storms with a passion. Her eyes get wild and she tries to hide. So thankful Lucky hasn't picked up on her phobia, he was happy as larry sitting next to me outside watching the lightening in the distance. Actually I should say the storm seemed to be all around our town but not overhead, so it was in the distance, I had no worries of being spiked or anything.

Now, because the fabulous Shen of creashens fame is so amazing, she is the featured designer of Digital Artist Magazine for October. She's made a wonderful kit for the occasion called "Frankie Loves Hollie", it is soooooo cute. I know I have scrapped this photo before, but I like this page better and yes, they do have a special kind of love.


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Lynne said...

Not a doggy person but that is soooooo cute!

Three weeks off before Christmas! Hmm! Sounds good.

I'm counting the days myself - 25 teaching days left [that's two more this week, four days for the next five weeks, two the following week and one the week after that] -roll on Dec. 21!