Thursday, October 22, 2009

Okay, I need to share my naivety

I had a fright earlier on tonight, quite the fright actually. And it shows I know NOTHING about the anatomy of a boy dog. Or the birds and the bees for that matter.

Lucky and Molly were playing whilst I was making my pom pom (more about that later). And I saw Lucky was, well interested in fiddling around with himself. I took a closer look and O--M--G I thought he was injured, I thought his intestines were coming out or something. I was frantic. I rang Mike's mobile number twice as he was out at a meeting, so texted him to ring home ASAP.

So I grabbed Lucky to check his innards popping out and then it struck me that, well, his willy was popping out. OMG it had broken through the skin, he had ruptured his underneath, what to do what to do. So I rang my boss for want of anyone else, being that she was a dog person. I explained to her frantically what was happening and she, in between her laughter told me "Lucky is just a wee bit excited Carol".

Honest to God, I had no idea. I thought when boy dogs were "fixed" it was all sewn up. I didn't know IT popped out when they were excited. I had absolutely no idea in the world that happened to fixed dogs. And in the 10 months we've had Lucky it's the first time I've seen it.

So in the meantime Mike rings home and I told him of my stupidity, to which he told everyone at the meeting. That's it, I can never show my face in town again.

Err ... don't worry, I won't be scrapping this little bit of our history. This is a page I've done this week after his visit to the vet last weekend. Using Bugga Boo by creashens with worn paper edges by Lynn Grieveson.


Oh and as for the pom pom, I was making a bunny tail (as you do!!). I am going away with my old workmates from Geelong on the weekend, a girls weekend to South Australia. We always have a fancy dress on the Saturday night, and it's P. So I can share here, I am going as Peter Cottontail. It was going to be a Playboy Bunny Reject but I think Peter Cottontail is cuter. I made a white furry rabbit costume (so I'm hoping for a bit of a chill in the air on Saturday night, because let me tell you I broke out into quite a sweat the other night prancing around in the loungeroom with it on). I've just made a big pink pom pom for the tail. I have ears and makeup. There may (or may not) be a picture after the weekend.

Sunday we are going to a Pink Breakfast for a breast cancer fundraiser. Which reminds me, I must get out all my pink clothes so I can make a start on packing my bags.



esther_a said...

What a cracker!! I'm speechless!!

Lynne said...

You promised knitting *pout*

Cheryl said...

heee heee ... sorry thats all I can say...