Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hot Sunday

It's a hottie alright, Mike is sweating away in the shed tinkering with something or other, gotta love a man and his shed right? Kind of like a man and his golf. Rain hail or shine, they'll be doing what they love.

After that last post, my relief was tangible on Thursday when our local newspaper came out. Firstly our photo ended up on the front page, but thank goodness the picture was shown from the waist up. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Must tell you about a terrific night out we went to last night. We were told it was a surprise night, no clues in advance, and to leave our inhibitions at the door.

It was a cryptic dinner, held by one of the service clubs in town as a fundraiser. You got a list of 20 cryptic clues and had to order then 1 to 20 as to how you would like your dinner served, which would be served as whatever you'd ordered 1-4 as first course, 5-8 as second course, etc. etc. And we had 10 minutes to do it in.

Now some of the clues were easy enough to work out "bakers tumble" was obviously a bread roll; "coloured wobbly" was jelly, but that was as far as my correct workings out went, so apart from putting my bakers tumble at number 1 and my coloured wobbly at number 20, I just mixed up all the other numbers.

We knew we were in for a ride when they then brought out wet ones to hand out so we could wash our hands. Oh my! In amongst that 20 were obviously going to be our eating utensils too. Eeeeek! My first course I ended up having : a serviette, a bread roll, a little bowl of cream and an after dinner mint. I was waaaaay off course, I thought "beaten dairy" may have been butter, but not to be.

It was hilarious watching people drink their soup out of bowls, eat their sweet & sour chicken with a toothpick, oh my and one man even resorted to eating his jelly with his fingers. And I found out the true meaning of love when one of my courses consisted of a bowl of icecream, a cup of tea, a toothpick and a little container of tomato sauce. What an assortment, my worst fear was having sauce with nothing to put it on. Mike quickly picked up the little container and downed the sauce in one gulp for me. Now I ask you, is that true love? Or is that true love?

Oh and if you complained at all during the night, or swore (and there was a bit of that going around) you were fined a gold coin. All in the spirit of fundraising. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I've never been to anything like it and it was fabulous fun.

I'm trying as I might to catch up on my project 365 pages. I have really let myself down here, oh I've still been taking the photos, but as for putting them onto pages, I've gone backwards. So there's been a major push in the last two weeks. Here's a couple on the catch up trail to show you.





Credits here.

Now I declare regarding Idol tonight, if James is finished, then I'm vetoing it. I refuse to watch any further and 60 minutes will be switched on. That I vow and promise.


ksharonk said...

What a fabulous photo of daffodils ... yellow flowers are soooo hard to photograph, I find. :)

Polly said...

A man and his shed is a bit like a man and his mower right!!

Lynne said...

What an interesting idea for a dinner and a fundraiser! Glad you enjoyed it.

Beautiful photo of daffodils.