Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another hot one

Heck, two hot days in a row and we're flagging, and let's face it, by our standards it hasn't really been that hot, it's just that it has hit with a vengeance. Having said that mind you I have the oven on full bore right now, making a pav. I was going to get it done early but I didn't have the heart to start the mixmaster up too early whilst the rest of the house was asleep.

We sat and watched the two disaster movies on telly last night and I knitted and knitted the shawl, my goodness it is taking quite the effort to get from one end to the other now. But I'm loving it. In amongst that I started wrapping Christmas presents. Yes you may groan, but I want to get it done and dusted. Yeah, that's the spirit huh? ha. But more so I want to be more organised this year, so I've been checking my list and finding where I've hidden things (thank goodness I list everything down) and marking off once wrapped.

And because I am who I am, I do wrap with a colour scheme in mind. Everything this year is red, black and silver, and my labels are self-made Christmas ball shapes in silver and/or black. It looks just lovely, quite striking actually.

creashens has an absolutely lovely collaborative kit out at the moment with KStudio, called "Count on Me". Such pretty pretty colours. I ended up using it like this:


I like this photo as Mike doesn't tend to smile in photos, he gets such a stern look up, so this is a nice change. I look dorky because this was taken in the park after the Christmas parade last year and I had a santa hat on, ready for the Christmas Carols to begin. It just looks like I've got something white on my head.

And because I promised Lynn some knitting here's a little hat I knitted recently to give to my friend Victoria who had a gorgeous baby, she's now got the present so I can show it here on my blog. The pattern was a free pattern given to me from the lovely lady who owns the wool shop in Geelong in Ryrie Street, because I had admired the ones she had in the shop and I'd bought so darn much there, she probably thought a free pattern was on the cards! ha. It's knitted out of this absolutely fabulous yarn, Woolganics? something like that, it's organic wool and it was so nice to knit with.

Stay cool Victorians!

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Lynne said...

A very cute little hat it is too!

I look forward to seeing the shawl.

Putting my name on your blog twice - wow! Anyone'd think I'd become a celebrity [or the knitting police!!] LOL