Monday, November 16, 2009

We switched off

We took a stand last night and switched off Idol. How on earth those final two could be still standing I don't know. Sure, they are okay singers, but the thing that gets me, and I might be an old fuddy duddy saying this, but they don't pronounciate their words properly, they don't finish the end of a word, the diction is all over the place and at times, unless we are hearing it completely wrong over the television airwaves, they are out of tune. James on the other hand, may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he sings perfectly in tune ALL the time, he pronounciates his words and actually finishes the whole word, none of this cutting words off. Plus I can understand everything he sings.

I have always loved watching Idol, but this year I've been disappointed with how the judges have really tried to influence and sway the voting public with their opinions. You could see a mile off that they want Stan to win, no ifs buts or maybes. It just hasn't been a fair competition right from the start.

So we switched off and watched 60 minutes instead. It might be just our small little stand, but we have made a stand in protest. So there Channel 10 and Idol. Take that!

I have started my holidays from work now and what a lovely day I've had. I had a sleep in, bliss, all the way to 8.30!! Probably not a real sleep in for some but it was for me. Pottered this morning and did some much needed housework. Haircut this afternoon, I feel like a new woman. Still slowly wrapping Christmas presents. A bit of knitting of the silk shawl. A great day. I love to potter, if you haven't gotten that yet! te he

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Mike's cousin Eleanor from Scotland came to stay for a long weekend, it deserved it's own page.




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Polly said...

I do like Stan but I was bitterly disapointed when Toby decided to leave, I thought he would make it to the top 2 for sure.

Lynne said...

Sorry to hear you are disappointed with "Idol" - I have never watched a full episode. Only Guy in his final weeks and after he sang we switched off. My DD had met him in the past [before Idol had even been heard of] so he was the favourite as far as she was concerned.

Would "Who Do You Think You Are?" [tracing ancestry] be to your taste? I love it and have never missed an episode [SBS 7.30]