Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh dear

Picture this if you will.

It's hot, very very hot here. Mike is wearing a white t-shirt which was a tad on the grubby side; his saggy baggy shorts which he can pull on and take off without having to undo them, mind you they are not elastic waisted, they're just that baggy; black socks dare I say pulled up; and bluntstone boots.

When I got home from work we were going to head down to the local hall. An energy company is putting a wind farm near our town and they were having a display and answering any questions throughout the day, so we thought we'd pop down at 6pm to see what they had to say. Mike thought, urrrgh, too hot, I'm going like I am.

Oh dear.

And as Murphy's Law would dictate, we ended up getting our photograph snapped for the newspaper, wouldn't you know it.


Here's a page I did recently with creashens fabulous kit "Anne with an E". I remember thinking on this 9th September 2009 day I needed to snap a self portrait, so I sat at the kitchen table, held out the camera and wham, blinded myself in the process.


Will I sleep tonight? I doubt it. I'm having fitful sleeps of late, darn heat.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

I love that photo of you!

I also like the heat - as long as the humidity is low and there's movement in the air!! Otherwise, long live air-con!