Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Urrrgh hot!

So they said on the news last night that it's been the hottest start to November in a century. IN A CENTURY?!? Good Lord. Who on earth switched on the heat, it seems to have come in just like that. I'm sure a fortnight ago we still had the fireplace alight.

I'm not enjoying these days and certainly not enjoying the nights AT ALL. We've had the fan on all night every night. I know I'll get used to that lovely whirring sound. Then even if it's not a fan night, I still need it on otherwise I can't get to sleep. White noise or something isn't it?

Last night we went to a "fire ready" night run by the service clubs in town with a spokesperson from the CFA. About working out your fire plan, how to protect your house, how to protect yourself. Some really useful things to take on board. It really made a person very aware of how vulnerable we can be without a plan. And of course we think "it can never happen to us". Well a lot of people on Black Saturday may have been thinking the same thing.

Okay onto other things. I love this old photo showing my dad and poppa in the same band. So you know how it came to pass that I followed in their footsteps.


Credits here.

Now off I go to brave the heat, four more days of work! Yahoo.


Margaret said...

I complained and complained about the cold weather and secretly vowed I wouldn't complain when the heat came , Weeel I retract the thoughts I had so that I can whinge about not being able to sew because the sewing room is on the west side of the house, such is life. City bands were something weren't they .

Lynne said...

Ah summer at last! If only it weren't so humid!! LOL

Polly said...

Hope its not too unbearable for you Carol.