Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm hot.
I'm tired.
I'm cranky.
and I'm worried.

If we're getting heat like this now, and it's not even summer, I can't imagine what it will be like come January/February.

What did they say on the radio today? It was the hottest November night in forever. FOREVER???

We're busily researching air conditioners at the moment. Yes yes, I have succumbed. We have one, one of those old boxy types that hang on the wall, but if you have it on you basically need to sit right underneath it and wear earmuffs because it will deafen you. No chance of conversation or listening to the tv while it's on. But the fans ain't cutting it any more, no siree.

Well still on the catch up trail of the project 365 pages, here are some more for your viewing pleasure! te he





Credits here.

Now I might just go outside and sit in the middle of the back yard, porch light off and with a cool drink in hand go gaze up at the stars. That's one thing living in the country, it's a regular planetarium right outside your back door.


Polly said...

Good luck with the AC shopping Carol. Hope it gives you some much needed relief.

esther_a said...

Couldn't cope without an aircon! Neither could the rabbit (my work colleagues' rabbits died in the heat!). New TV, washer, aircon... Enjoy your new white goods!

Calico said...

Carol, I would change places with you in a heartbeat! This cold weather and snow is for the birds. I miss everything that summer has to offer, especially having coffee on my deck in the morning. We've already had two huge snowstorms this fall.

Lynne said...

We have ducted and I don't know how I'd cope without it because both my workplaces, my car and the trains have it and the house just feels twice as hot after being in air-con in one form or another most of the day!

Good luck finding what works for you in your price range. For what it's worth, my parents, like many country folk in NSW, have an evaporative cooling system on the roof.

Margaret said...

Hi, Your 265 must be coming to an end, I have enjoyed your photos and writings , Love the flanelletteshirts at ten paces. Yeah it is b. hot.

Kathleen Summers said...

So weird, my computer still won't let me get to this page, but I got here by clicking on a cached version via Google. That is weird!! At any rate, I'm happy to be able to see your blog! Hope you get cooled off soon!