Saturday, August 1, 2009

Masterchef lives on !!!!!!!!!!!

I decided tonight to trawl through the Masterchef site and pick something to make for dinner. Nothing ultra hard mind you. I made Chicken & Cashew Singapore Noodles and it was absolutely delicious and will definitely be part of our family meals for the future.

And the food critique here decided it was two thumbs up.

A new fabulous kit called Grey Skies from [ksharonkdesigns] had me instantly reaching for the photographs of when I met Esther at Ballarat recently. Memories of the rain, cold and grey skies, this kit could not be more perfect.


So whilst Mike is curled up on the couch with Lucky watching a movie, I'm here at the kitchen table with Molly sitting beside me with her head on my lap, and Bo is stretched out asleep in front of the fire, I must say, this is contentment.

This is a quick post, knitting awaits.


esther_a said...

Looks like a great recipe! I'll have to give it a go. I hope Mike isn't watching the ridiculous asteroid drama/comedy on channel 7! We are alternatively groaning and laughing at its corniness!!

Chocolate Cat said...

My hubby brought home ALL of the Masterchef recipes so I will have to go through and have a go at that one. My son is assisting one of the 'celebrity' chefs at sheepvention tomorrow so very exciting!!! Told me to practice some of the recipes on us today!!

Helen said...

How fabulous to catc up with Esther! Love that you scrapped about it! We really missed out on Master Chef. My DH loves cooking and we should have watched it. Hope your weekend is going well Carol. It was SO windy here last night...I am bone tired today ;(