Monday, August 24, 2009

When did I grow up?

I am 40-something (cough cough) and I wondered today when I actually grew up. Unbelievable but I got ultra-excited about a new vaccuum cleaner that I bought today. When did that happen? That I would be excited about a vaccuum cleaner? This just does not compute. Not only that, but tonight, dog tired, I actually got home and vaccuumed, I couldn't wait to use it. What's with that?

I have promised myself for ages to buy a Dyson and finally I have. And they're not wrong (whoever "they" are). They are sensational. Although as Miss Sonia has pointed out tonight on the phone, a girl just must have a rotating head. Well mine doesn't, so I don't know what I'm missing out on! ha.

Had a fun kit from Cheryl which had Ivy in it and saw me reaching for an old picture of my grandma, who happened to be called Ivy. Perfect. How sensationally trendy she was, check out the hat, I love it !!


Credits here.

And with that I'm off to bed, it's raining up a storm outside so it's nice listening to the rain on our roof all tucked up warm in bed. So I will dream of vaccuum cleaners and pristine carpets and life will be good! ha.


Margaret said...

Lost and found. I have enjoyed all the posts that I have missed out on because the computer decided to wipe away my favourite people. Ivy looks a charmer.

Victoria said...

My neighbor bought a Dyson and loves it. I'm glad that cleaning can be fun.

She is so sharp in that hat. Gorgeous elements to go with a gorgeous lady!

catsmum said...

that is one SERIOUSLY smart chapeau !!
and enjoy your Dyson
whatever makes you happy!