Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When worlds collide

You will never guess what Mike is doing right now? Learning Photoshop!!! Eeeek. He is redesigning his webpage for his business through it. I've created a monster, but it's fun that he's actually asking me things. He's going great I must admit.

Here's a quickie page of that lovely Sunday spent when my brother and new family came down to visit. The youngest of my new American nephews pictured here. I see many scrap pages in the future with Mr. Matt the cutiepie here. He's so funny, loves his picture being taken (wonder how long that will last) but every time I snap he has to see the play back in the display window on the camera.


Credits here.


Victoria said...

I find that part of the fun, for kids, of digital cameras is the playback. My kids have to see the results. Eve breaks the rules with a wooden block game called "Bandu". She tries to build the most creative house. It frustrates Noah to distraction.

Fun just exudes from the page! Great layout!

Tanya said...

A man asking advice? Never!! lol. Matt is such a cutiepie - full of personality and mischief by the looks of it!