Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bone tired

It's been quite the few days for us, we have had Mike's young cousin from Scotland visiting for a few days, Mike has been showing Miss E around, took her to the Grampians, saw real kangaroos not from a wildlife park, ha! She was most impressed when one went hopping down the main street of Halls Gap. There's been a lot of kilometres driven showing her around the local area. And culminating on Friday where I had the day off, in a very long drive back to his sister's along the Great Ocean Road.

It was a horrendous night raining, I woke up about 2am thinking oh no! The only day we've got left and she dearly wanted to see the 12 Apostles, and it's raining. It rained all the way to Port Campbell. But wonder of wonders it stopped and although it threatened, it never started again. We only had to put up with the wind. So marks yet another visit to the 12 Apostles with hair standing up on end. The wind was howling.

So we got home late Friday night after leaving Miss E in the good hands of Mike's sister, and we were tired. So bone shakingly tired. Not even match sticks could keep our eyes open long enough to have a cuppa before we dropped into bed. And well they do say it takes longer to get over things as we get older. I'm still tired here on Sunday night. And I have a big week ahead of me, more about that later.

Now I must tell you about this absolutely amazing kit called "About" that creashens did as a collab with K Studio and Something Blue Studios. The colours are absolutely incredible, and the pages that are hitting the galleries are mind blowing. I've completely enjoyed creating this page and know there'll be a few more up my sleeves with this gorgeous kit.


Now ... off ... to ... bed. Before I drop.


Tanya said...

Oh Carol, you sounds so utterly, utterly exhausted. Big hugs. And I love that page - gorgeous.

Polly said...

Hope you had a good visit Carol and have managed to catch up on some rest.