Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cry baby

Okay, you can call me a cry baby if you like, but I've done a bit of it lately. The last few days of the week, over my lunch breaks I've sat in the mess room at work and read. Now, these days I seem to listen to more talking books on my drive in and out to work than actually read a book. I used to read a lot years ago, but not so much now (apart from trashy magazines, but they don't count do they?).

So when Jen a friend here in town thrust a book in my hand and said "read it" who was I to argue. Considering also I hadn't seen the movie. Baaaaad move reading this book at work.

"Marley and Me"

Oh dear. I had thoroughly enjoyed the book but was nearing the end. I sat quietly at the other end of the table in the mess room whilst the bosses and others were scattered around eating. All of a sudden I could feel my eyes brimming and the words were going blurry. OMG, I reach for my pocket, but no hankie. I lower my head a bit and put my hand up as if to rest my head on it, to hide my eyes but that was a bad move, the minute I moved my head the tears just flowed down my cheeks. I looked up and the bosses were staring at me horrified. And I just spluttered "this is the saddest damn book I've ever read" and ran out, much to their amusement.

Now I have a rule of thumb. I *NEVER* cry at work. In my 25 years in the job I haven't once cried in front of anyone. Yes maybe shed a tear or two in the ladies if things have gotten too much, but absolutely no one has ever seen me cry at work. That's a part of my life that is entirely separate. Not now.

Seems I'm the butt of a few jokes now. I came back from down the street and headed to the mess room on Friday to put some things in the fridge and our big boss saw me, ducked into his office to grab something and came racing into the mess with a grin on his face and a box of tissues.


So I finished it on Saturday night. No sooner had I picked it up again from where I left off and the tears started again. I don't know if it's just the writing or the fact that I'm so 100 percent a dog person. And then I blubbered even more as Molly saw my distress and she came up beside me at the dining room table and just sat and put her head in my lap.

Flip. I was a gonna!

Buy it, read it. And then hug your furbabies just that little bit tighter.

Enough said.

Decided to do a page with Miss T in it a little bit ago but haven't shown it. She had a fluoro party for her 18th. Don't you love her dress? Apparently it was black and white stripes and she got highlighter textas and coloured in the stripes. Got to love her ingenuity.


Credits here.


Calico said...

Howdy Carol! thanks for stopping by my p-365 and leaving comments :) I'm behind on blog-hopping myself.
Now...Marley and Me. I read that book when it first came out and as I was nearing the end, I told Greg I had a few errand to run and I parked my car in a parking lot, crawled into the back seat all by my lonesome and bawled my eyes out as I read the end of that darn book! I refuse to see the movie, Once was enough!!!! BTW, love the layout!!!

Tanya said...

Gosh Carol - it must be really heartwrenching to make you cry at work like that! Love the dress - maybe she's learned some crafty ingenuity from you huh?

Polly said...

Ive never read or seen the movie and now I think I might be afraid...the preggy hormones just might not cope!!

Lynne said...

Lovely dress - great theme for an 18th birthday party!