Saturday, August 15, 2009

A week and a half

I've had such a busy week, but very fun too. Now I'm exhausted! ha. A by-product of getting older huh? We don't bounce back the same as we did years ago.

Had a two day holiday ... err ... work training/bonding/best practices workshop thingy at the beautiful picturesque Dunkeld staying at the Royal Mail. Well I must admit we did work very hard, but at the same time were looked after very well by the establishment. I can highly highly recommend going there for a fabulous stay. And the view from the conference room workshop window was straight up at one of the mounts of the Grampians, my favourite place on earth.

I'm on Mike's laptop at the moment, but will be sure to load up some pics when I get back on my computer so I can share.

So that took two days out of the work week last week, plus I had Friday off too. Headed to Geelong for some shopping, some time with mum where I stayed overnight, and attended a party of Ms. K my very dear friend who refuses to have a 50th next year so celebrated her 49th in style. It was a sock party, shoes off, socks on, the crazier the better, girls only! How much fun we all did have. It was great catching up with a lot of my old workmates.

Haven't yet showed this page with my bestie's gorgeous little boy who was being indoctrinated into barracking for Essendon. Well I suppose they need to get as many supporters as they can, hahaha. Poor child didn't have a chance did he? But how cute does he look. Gorgeous.


Credits here.

So that's it from me, over and out.

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Helen said...

thanks for dropping in Carol. WOW...I have been to all your blogs - just so interesting. I have just picked up knitting again this year and loving it. Have not knitted since my Mum taught me when I was a kid! Also loved seeing your Christmas stockings! My boys are Bomber boys too!