Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fly by posting

I've been screaming around like a mad woman tonight. Mike's cousin from Scotland is staying for a couple of days from tomorrow and of course one wants the house to be spic and span, bedding all freshly laundered, all the little touches to the room to make her feel at home. She's been having a wow of a time for the last month meeting all her Scottish aunts and uncles and cousins who have immigrated to Australia.

So now all is done and I can relax. Whew. Except now it's time for bed, ha!

Before I go, creashens was part of a collaborative effort at the Daily Digi for a wonderful kit called Snappin & Scrappin. How perfect. I did love playing with this.


So much fun and oh so true. I have said it many times here to Mike, I've never done a craft before that I've felt so completely fulfilled as in scrapbooking. Telling our stories. Leaving our legacy. It's become such a huge passion of mine. There will be no doubt when future generations look at my albums (hmmm, hope they actually get handed down and not ending up in some op shop!!) but they'll have no doubt about us, what we were like, what was important to us, how we lived every day.

So many scrap page ideas floating about in my head -- so little time.

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