Monday, June 29, 2009

4 day week

I have Friday off work so the thought of a four day week ahead of me (particularly with one day over) is very very appealing. Amazing how one day can make a difference. I have a lot of jobs planned though, ask me on Sunday, I bet I won't have done half of them!

Nothing much to report. It's cold out. The wind is getting up. I can hear something blowing around outside but to be honest, the thought of going out and checking doesn't sound like the grandest of plans. I think it's the tree out the front scraping on the fence. I might send big bad Mike out to check it out. The dogs aren't worried about it, and the best part of having these two are the fact that we hear it if anyone is walking up the driveway, or parking out the front to come in. So I do think it must be the tree.

I can hardly believe that the year is half over, didn't we just put new calendars up? I announced to all and sundry, or well, to whoever would listen to me ha! at work the other day that it was six months till Christmas. I couldn't tell you how many groans I got. Where was I going with this? Ahhh, the sales. The stocktake sales. How come everyone is getting great bargains and I'm not? I seriously need to do more shopping, that I know. But this year I just can't seem to dig out the bargains. Very disconcerting, because this is where I begin in earnest for Christmas shopping.

Anyone have any great online shops, apart from my favourite Peters of Kensington which I frequent already? Lay them on me.

Creashens released some fabulous papers a little bit ago entitled Lifelines which took me way way out of my comfort zone. The papers were incredibly interesting, already titled and kind of led you on a bit of a journey. So I thought I would do a page, not from my perspective, but from Mike's to his youngest son. This will go in his album that I will be giving him one day. So I sat down with Mike and asked him to list all the attributes that he loved about Mr. T. Love how it turned out.


Credits here.

Well with that I'm off to bed shortly, I'm absolutely zonked. Friday can not come quick enough!

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Simply Vixen said...

here's an idea for ya, carol

I've decided to do all my christmas shopping @ etsy this year, starting with some handmade camera straps and/or camera bags for my best friends

great 'about you' page too, kudos on getting mike to digiscrap *wink*