Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday night

I am exhausted! I've been down to Jan Juc today to have a girls day with my darling friends from my old job down in Geelong. I love that 5+ years on after marrying and transferring, that they still include me in their fun times. We sat and talked and ate and beaded. Yes beaded! Now I'm not going to say I'll get completely into this craft, but I did make some stitch marker bead pretties and they were quite easy.

I also had some success. Mum sent me some Collinette Jitterbug a few weeks ago now with the request I knit some socks for her best friend. She thought she had bought blue and white variegated yarn (her friend being a Geelong Supporter) but both her and the sales lady must have been colour blind as the colourway was Zebra !! Errrr yep, it was the same black and white yarn I had made mum's mother's day socks with.

Now as much as I liked that yarn, I've seen how it turned out and I'd rather not make another pair in the same colour, so without a sales docket I went in, explained the situation and asked whether I could do a straight swap which she very kindly said I could. So now I have some lovely rich multi coloured but mainly brown beautiful yarn to knit with. How lovely.

I have a photograph here for the Through the Lens class to take a photograph from a different angle. Now I guess nothing is really appealing about a dog's butt! ha. But Lucky stands in the front yard and does a bit of perimeter duty at the fence and he almost gets a stance like a dog twice his size and all very alert. So glad how this turned out.


Credits here.

Well considering I've had quite the drive down and back today, and on the return trip struggled driving through fog, plus the big day down there it's off to bed with me. Bit of a party girl huh? Saturday night and early to bed.


Calico said...

Lucky looks like he getting ready to chase something! Great photograph! I've really been enjoying the photos you're taking with your new camera. Is 'Through the Lens' an online course? I'd love to take a class like that.

Sharon said...

I just LOVE this photo and layout, Carol. :) I've booked into a day beginners SLR course at our local PhotoContinental in a couple of weeks ... can't wait! :)

Lynne said...

Gorgeous photo of Lucky.

More knitting? Yippee!

Bells said...

that's so nice you could swap so easily!

Cute puppy shot!

Simply Vixen said...

great shot, even from this angle lol
lovely page too!

(finally got myself signed up for a foto course @ jessicasprague, who knows, it may inspire me to continue with actually learning my camera lol)

always a viewing pleasure!
many thanksNhugs!

Polly said...

my crazy party girl Carol!!

I think Lucky is lovely from all angles.