Monday, June 22, 2009


I've said it before, I'll say it again, I love my camera. I loved my old camera, heck I loved the old old camera before that, but I loooooooove my new camera. But ... still ... as good as a camera can be, you still have to have someone drive it, right?

I am in love with the photographs I've been taking for the Through the Lens course. And well who knows, they might not be perfect in composition or execution, but they are bringing a smile from ear to ear on my face and that's what's important right? That feeling.

Now Molly is a willing subject at the best of times. I get the camera out, aim, she poses, the camera clicks and she moves off. She is the biggest poser you've ever known. For goodness sakes, she'll even smile at the camera on cue. Oh and wave a bit of cheese in front of her and she's anybodys!! ha. This is the photograph I presented for the "fill the frame" assignment. This is going in a frame on our wall, just as the photograph of Bo is that I posted yesterday.

How can you not look at this face and just grin? huh?


Now, let's see, where are we with Project 365. Well the photos keep progressing every day, but I'm way behind in putting them on a page. I do so wish now I just used a template, plonk the pics in, do my journalling, voila, finished. But ooooooh no! I had to do it the hard way, think up something different for the page every darn one. Next year I'll do it different.

Wait ... hold the phone! Did I say next year? I don't think Mike would survive another year of me with the camera being a permanent fixture round my neck. I saw the rolled eyes in the bathroom mirror last night, he was wanting me to give him a bit of a hair cut and I grabbed the camera. No way, no how would he let me get a photo of his bare-chested self, so I took a photo of the electric razor on the vanity instead. That's when I saw the rolled eyes.

So, for your viewing pleasure! te he



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SaschkaH said...

Be honest... you put that picture of the cow in there just for me... LOL. xoxo

Lynne said...

Gorgeous photos [as usual].

Tabby looks beautiful in that fluoro striped dress. I'm so glad she loved the quilt!

Ah holes - I remember; it seems like only yesterday instead of thirty years ago [we had a young lab x weimeramer]

Bells said...

Oh Mollie is so gorgeous.

I know I don't take perfectly executed photos either but they please me and I figure I can just keep learning.

Polly said...

Mike has flushes too? hahaha

I am still in awe of that wonderful quilt Carol, its amazing.

Myra said...

You are doing beautiful work with that new camera!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

There's nothing like the fun of a camera that takes the pictures you want to see, they look great to me!! Tracey

Calico said...

I thought of you yesterday,Carol! My internet was out for 2 days so I headed to the craft store to find something to work on. I was going to do a cross-stitching project but came across a book about knitting socks. I decided to give it a try even though I know very little about knitting! I must say, it's a challenge so far but fun!!!! I'll just be happy if it looks like a sock when I'm done let alone it actually fitting,lol!I can see how it can become addicting :)