Sunday, July 5, 2009

When the internet meets real life

It's fun with the internet that you get to "meet" like minded people from all round the world, even better when they are a hop skip and although a wee bit of a jump, but pretty close to you also. People you would never have been likely to meet if not for the world wide web.

I actually have met up with Esther this year for the first time back on New Years Day when her family were holidaying close by. But this day was just for us. We both decided to head to Ballarat kind of mid-way between where we live, which incidentally lived up to its name as being cold and wet, and have lunch and go on a bit of a photowalk. We had a lovely time taking photos of old buildings and visiting the Botanic Gardens and risking life and limb to walk on the dry Lake Wendouree which my husband later told me the spongy texture like walking on a trampoline was all to do with the crust over sludge underneath, eeek, thank heavens we didn't break through the crust, oh dear. Oh and there was a bout of getting lost in Ballarat also as I was following Esther's car and quite frankly after a while thought "heck, I hope I didn't lose her and I'm not following some random car that looks like hers" because I had no idea where we were going. As I found out, neither did Esther, hahahahahha.

Plus learning a bit from Esther was good too, she knows what a lot of the buttons and knobs on the camera do, although yes, we are still both quite fond of the green square! (look on your camera people, you'll know what I'm talking about). It was a fabulous day and we must do it again.

Smile for the camera!

A splash of red on an otherwise dull and dreary wet day.

Wouldn't it have been cool if the lights went on?

The waiters must have wondered what was wrong with the food, as soon as he put our food on the table we both grabbed for our cameras and started shooting! hahaha

Yum! And you know I've never really been game to take photographs of my food in public, so much easier with a partner in crime.

I did say it had been wet didn't I.

Walking out onto the Lake and looking back at the boat houses. Now this wasn't my idea, I was just following. Truly.

It's very sad seeing the lake look like this. I have such memories of it, picnics at the lake, feeding the bread to big black swans.

An amazing statute, Flight from Pompeii, at the Botanic Gardens

Got to love a love bug, especially when they are painted like this, ha.

And flowers, just because they are pretty.

So much fun, thanks Esther, hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.


esther_a said...

lol!! Great fun. Intriguing how we see different things through our camera lenses. Love how that photo of the sign came out!

Simply Vixen said...

oh how wonderful!
good friends, good food, and good fotos... whattagreat combination!

luv the luvbug too lol

thanks for sharing@!

Amandac said...

Wow Carol those photos are just jaw droppingly fantastic! You're eye is fabulous!! I'm so glad (jealous too hahaha) that you and Esther had a wonderful day together! You look like partners in crime in that photo *grin*

Margaret said...

Ballarat in winter, bitingly cold wind whipping around every corner, nook and cranny, wet, yeah you were certainly in Ballarat. Your photos are lovely, a real joy. Ballarat has one of the prettiest Race Courses, I good place for photos I would think.

catsmum said...

fabulous photos [ and you probably know how fond I am of the macro button myself ] especially that red pillerbox and the shot of the two of you ... although I could've done without the mental image of you falling through the crust into the sludge [ thank goodness you didn't - erkkkkk yuck]

ashley kennedy said...

what fun ladies!! Your get-together looks like it was a blast!

Kim said...

What a treat this day was. A gift.

Lynne said...

Lovely photos - thanks for sharing.