Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend bliss !

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I have houseworked up a storm today (is "houseworked" such a word?) Well past tense anyway, I don't intend to do anything else. And I'm steadfastly ignoring the basket of ironing. Well ... vacc'ing, sweeping, dusting, washing, is enough for one day I reckon.

There will be a roast lamb going in the oven shortly for dinner tonight. Is there any better end to a weekend than a yummy roast? I don't do one every Sunday night, but there is a bit of pattern happening of late.

Now who doesn't love a wedding? It was such fun planning ours, I was definitely in the category of make a decision and move on. No dilly dallying about if I couldn't get a specific shade of cream ribbon or white rose or whatever. I loved everything about our wedding except only one regret and that was that we didn't choose to get our photos digitally. We have gorgeous wedding photos but they are photographs and negatives. And whilst I would dearly love to scrap my photos, I don't somehow think scans come out as good. But we still have our photos in their proof album, never got around to putting them in a real wedding album, so maybe I will try scanning more and see how they come out.

Creashens has an amazing wedding kit out at the moment called "Yours". It's gorgeous, the colours will simply allow your photographs to shine. And although this photo is a scan, I love how the page turned out. Hmmmm, there may be some more wedding pages on the horizon. Be prepared.

Love this quote, we had it on our invitations. And these fonts were used throughout our wedding stationery also, so this whole page has become very special.


Credits here.

Even more of a surprise this morning was I found out this page had been featured on Gallery Standouts. Very humbled to be amongst the beautiful pages that were featured. Of course Mike thinks it's because of his kilt why the page turned out so lovely! ((insert rolled eyes here)) haha.

As mentioned in a previous post I've been taking the "Through the Lens" class with Katrina Kennedy. I am pretty jazzed about finding buttons I didn't know anything about on my camera and we're up to exposure and metering at the moment. Now to be honest I'm still a bit lost on the whole exposure thing, it's slowly sinking in, but one thing that's happening I've noticed is that I'm thinking before taking photographs right now, actually thinking of the story I want to tell before snapping.

And this morning I took this little beauty. I am absolutely over the moon rapt with this photograph. Bo was sitting by the back glass door sunning herself, I snuck around the side of the coffee table, got down low and aimed. As I called her she looked up a wee bit hoity toity (as is her nature) because I dared to interrupt her important sun baking and wham! What a photograph. I absolutely love this.

As for the whole exposure thing, whatever I did it worked, because honestly this was about, hmmm 9am this morning, the blinds were open, and in the background I would have thought you would have seen chair and table legs and a kitchen bench. But nothing. Just her gorgeous sunlit face and black background. I LOVE IT !!!


Honestly, no one is safe right now. I'm a woman possessed. Just call me Madam Papparazzi! te he.


Polly said...

You were just a picture on your wedding day Carol. You know we are in the same boat with our wedding pics. I am going to investigate getting our negs put on disk - I know it can be done, just not sure how much. Shall let you know when I find out.

Lynn said...

I think the photo turned out perfectly! I can't even tell it was a scan, honestly! Love the photo of Bo... love how he blends into the background. Wish you could come to my house and be paparazzi for my kids. They don't even look at the camera for me anymore. =)

Simply Vixen said...

oh wow, carol
don't think i've ever seen your wedding fotos, this is soooooo lovely! and congrats on GSO, well-deserved gf!!!