Sunday, June 14, 2009

Practice makes perfect

I'm doing the fabulous Through the Lens class with Katrina Kennedy and already I'm finding buttons on my camera that I didn't know I had. Sure, I knew about the running man at the top, but if I decided not to use the running man, I didn't know I had a continuous focus button and another one that let me take picture after picture after picture. Gosh I love that kerplunk sound of the camera clicking. It's become my favourite sound.

So this weekend I was practicing the whole continuous focussing bit. With the help of a very willing subject, a squeaky toy and Mike, we had mixed success with Lucky, after the first shot of doing it he decided to get himself distracted. Today we were in hysterics because after trying a few times, Bo decided to venture round the front to see what was going on and Lucky heard the tinkling of her bell. I don't think any amount of continuous focussing was going to capture these two!! I had to do a page of the out takes.


Credits here.

Don't worry, no critters were harmed in the making of this page! te he

Mind you, this is what you were meant to see .. I did catch a pic of him being a little champion!! And it was in focus in mid-air. Yes! This is what Katrina is teaching me. YAY, it worked!

Time for a pot of tea, a snuggle down by the fire, and then bed I do believe. Too cold to do anything much else!


ksharonk said...

LOVE that last photo ... you clever girl! :)

Lynne said...

Brilliant mid-air photo!

Don't think Bo was impressed!

Myra said...

Look at that amazing shot of Lucky! Mid-air! Great photos!

Polly said...

The course sounds fantastic and I love those piccys!

Amandac said...

Ohhhhh looks like the lessons are paying off Carol! Even though I thought you were pretty darn good in the first place! That mid air one is fantastic!! You page is fabulous too!!!!!! loving all the little comments!