Thursday, June 18, 2009


My one hundred dollar boots, yes that's $100 people, actually they were probably a wee bit dearer than that, have lovely little chewy bite marks along the tongue where the zipper is. All courtesy of chew boy. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! He's like a kid, he really is, when he's quiet you have to go looking because he'll be up to something. So I ask why aren't Mike's stinky old workboots sitting by the fireplace up for chewing, HUH? Why my beautiful black soft leather ankle boots? ~~sob~~

I have been lucky enough to play with some pictures from my bestie of her darling children. Is there anything more contagious to see than pictures of giggling children? I dare you to tell me you're not smiling just looking at these bright faces. I can almost hear them giggling from here.

Using Sharon's new Serenity kit, I guess these photos are anything but serene, but I sure did like the colours in the kit.


Credits here.


limpingalong said...

Yes! One of my favorite sounds.

SaschkaH said...

Oh you make me want to cry! I'd be devastated!!!

(We've had cats decide B's $120 Colorado boots made good scratching posts; so we do empathise!!!).

Hope you're doing well hon xoxo

Amandac said...

oh no! not you lovely boots! Bad Lucky LOL beautiful page Carol - your besties kids are real cuties!

Lynne said...

Precisely because they are beautiful soft leather!

Margaret said...

I smiled with the boots story and laughed with the children. Ah such is life