Monday, June 8, 2009

All quiet on the western front

The menagerie are all asleep, Lucky is curled up on the foot of the bed, Molly is flat out at my feet and Bo is in her basket. I just put the rubbish bins out and it's bitter out there. I firmly believe that putting the rubbish bins out is a man's job (reverse sexism perhaps?), but with Mike at his meeting and it being so cold I know he'll have a big smile on his face when he pulls in and he sees the bins are out.

Queens Birthday has come and gone, lovely to have a day off for HRH, but I really couldn't care two hoots. An excuse for a sleep in for me. Mike had to go to a meeting tonight and take a plate. Now yes we are in 2009 but this group actually sing God Save the Queen when they have their meeting. Not even our anthem any more. (for the astute reading this, you may guess which group he is with). So he has to take a plate and being a rebel and a bit tongue in cheek he asked me to make a cake with "Happy Birthday Betty" piped on it. I talked him out of that, out of respect for the older gents who might happen to be royalists at the meeting. So we came up with "Happy Birthday QE2". Gosh I hope they see the funny side of it.

Catching up with my 365 pages, I thought the girls' weekend away deserved a double page spread all on its own.



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Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Well worth a double page spread..and I wish you's let him go with the Betty, but apparently it's lisbeth to her friends!

Lynne said...

Her birthday is, as you probably know, actually in April but it might rain on the parade then so they have it in summer!!

Margaret said...

Tradition Tradition, May we never loose it. It might seem fuddy duddy but you loose one thing and another goes. It also goes well with double breasted suits.

Polly said...

I think the cake is a scream Carol. Hope it went down well!