Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've got the washing day blues

Yeah yeah,
I've got the washing day bluuuuuuues,
Yeah yeah,
It's rainin' outside,
It's leakin' inside,
I've got the washing day blues, oh yeah.

So are you with me on this? Did some washing this morning and when I came back to pop it in the dryer I stepped in a puddle of water. Ack! Only on one side the washer though. Must admit I've had a good run, 16 years this has lasted me. What do they say now? White goods have a life span of 5 years or something like that.

Now rewind a few weeks, it leaked back then too, but it was something to do with the washers or something or other at the hose connection and Mike was able to fix that. But here it is leaking again, but not from the connections this time.

So Mike says the most inane thing he's ever said in his life this afternoon. Can you do a practice wash? WHAT? I don't like laundry at the best of times and he wants me to practice?!? Ho hum. So there's another load on and no leak this time. I don't get it.

I can still have the washing day blues, just because I'm washing.

So I did promise a photograph of the finished quilt. Get ready to put your sunglasses on. This quilt is completely tailor made for a funky-18-year-old-pink-loving-party-girl.


And how cute is this backing material I got ...


On the digi front, Joana is guesting at twolittlepixels at the moment and not having been familiar with her pretties before, I'm in seventh heaven at the moment. She's designed an exclusive for 2LP called Slightly Girly, go check it out. Here's a preview.

Off to go check dinner, we're having roast pork tonight and it smells absolutely delish! So I plan a night of a good roast dinner, a wee bit of knitting and a whole lot of kicking back and doing nothing!


Bells said...

Carol, it's fantastic. Such a work of art! I see something like that and it makes me go, oh I wish I knew how to do that. One day.

Jodie said...

Carol, I just LOVE that quilt!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Adore this carol!! Well done and a perfect choice, you are a-good-and-not-at-all-wicked stepmum!!
And tell Mike he can come over here and get all the "practice" washes he wants!! Tracey

Calico said...

Wow Carol! That quilt is gorgeous!!!! You did an awesome job on it and I'm sure it will be well loved :)

Lynne said...

The quilt is gorgeous, just right ofr a pink-loving-party-girl!

And I look forward to seeing the results of a "wee bit of knitting" LOL [Is it textured?]

Polly said...

Oh Carol I just love it with all my heart. You are so clever.