Friday, February 6, 2009

End of the week, thank heavens

And a weekend of NOTHING planned, blissful, peaceful nothing. We're gearing up for the worst fire danger day tomorrow since 1939 or something like that. Winds are meant to be picking up tonight and 40+ heat tomorrow. Mike went out and bought two new 30 metre heavy duty hoses, just in case. You never know. The perils of living in a small country town is that if a fire breaks out anywhere in the vicinity our only fire truck (or we may have two, I have no idea) armed with volunteers will be out fighting and nothing left to assist the town.

We're in town, not out on a farm, but I remember the fires of last year, or was that the year before. Mike ended up at one of our dear friend's farm helping to fight a fire and save their livestock and hay. He said it was horrible, he was holding a hose and hosing down the house and wasn't giving up that hose for anyone. The firefighters were out in the paddocks and the helicopter was dropping water. I was at home with the menagerie, I could see the smoke in the distance, but I knew we were safe. Boy I was scared stiff for Mike that night.

Excuse me but I do have to tell you, he said he was that scared that if the water dried out, he was building up to (cough cough) "piss on the fire if need be!" (his words)

Okay, enough said.

Feast your eyes on this little beauty from Shen. Actually it's a big beauty, it's chockers full of fun things to play with. Click on the image to take you to twolittlepixels. You'll never run out of things to use, it's great.

Back at my sister-in-law's BBQ for her birthday I went snap happy taking pictures of the kids, of everyone. Perfect for this page.


And gearing up for Valentine's Day next weekend I've made some vouchers to give to Mike. These are the "for public" display ones. The naughty ones shall remain private! hahaha


Well I think a cup of tea is in order and maybe an episode of X-Files, we're back into them again and up to the second series, it's taking forever!


Margaret said...

I coudn't listen to the cricket anymore, so thought I woul;d come and have a look at what is going on in blogland.Here's hoping Mike uses all the vouchers and doesn't put them in the drawer as we do with vouchers. Cheers

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Thought I must visit since I hadn't for a while to see ahat you have been doin.
Mike will enjoy your vouchers you made for Valentine's Day.

Amandac said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Mike hun with the fire danger so high, I hope everything goes ok. Loving those vouchers, such a fabulous idea! You are a clever chickie! Thanks of the preview of Shen's new Kit, it looks beautiful! You know I am probably going to have to buy it now ROFL!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the vouchers!!! Hope you're surviving the heat today, I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as they said but it's pretty awful!

SaschkaH said...

Been thinking about you two and the menagerie today. Pray that the fire threat leaves and the rains come to cool it all down. You are in our thoughts... xoxo

The Josephs Family said...

Carol -
How are things at your house? I just saw on the news that there is widespread wildfire in Australia. Since I don't know where exactly you're located I'm hoping that you're safe. Please let us know that you're OK!

Victoria said...

Best of luck with avoiding fires!

Those vouchers are so fun and clever! Mike is such a lucky duck!

The zoom is a great and sneaky thing. Fun layout!

Polly said...

hope you are ok Carol.

love the vouchers, G did a similar thing for me last year - was lots of fun.

Belanna said...

Just caught the news Carol, and wondering if you and yours are okay? Sending lots of hugz to keep you safe!!! Post soon so that we know you're okay hun!