Friday, February 20, 2009

11.7 !

11.7 whats you may ask? 11.7 kilograms I've lost as of today I say! YAY ME! That's 25 pounds my friends. Almost 2 stone. I'm over the moon happy. I am absolutely loving this Tony Ferguson diet. Plus it might not be the best thing to admit, but I'm only doing it about 70%. I just cannot live without bread so every now and then I sneak a bit.

I've been seriously uninspired of late with my scrapping. I'm behind on my Project 365 pages, I did a page for the first week in February, then the fires happened and I've seriously not been able to even think of starting the second week in February. I've taken pictures, but I sit at the computer and can't even attempt it.

So as a salve, as a means of documenting it for our history, remember those big times in history, do you remember where you were when you heard Elvis died or the Diana had her accident in the tunnel or man walked on the moon or the towers fell. Those big moments in history. This is a big moment in Victoria's history, let alone Australia's history. I needed to document it, so it will be in my 365 book.



Credits here.

I sewed up a storm this past week and ended up making 6 comfort bags. I filled them with various things like hand puppets, teddy bears, textas and drawing pads, sticker books, jewellery making kits, and sent them off. The box was huge! I've been in touch with the lady organising it, she has a lot of donated goods to put in bags so is welcoming empty bags now so I'm stash busting this weekend again. I feel like I'm doing something. At last. I hope in some small way I put a smile on a little kiddy's face.

Here's a pic of some of the bags with a few of the "friends" that went inside, and some of the finished products ready to box up and send off.



And finally, there's a blog I love to stop by and read all about and admire the gorgeous handiwork of Gwen at Scrappy Angel Quilts. Gwen surprised me the other day in telling me she was sending me some of her beautifully hand-dyed sock yarn. Lucky me! All because after 2 years and 100 blog posts, I was one of the first to ever comment. Who knew! So thank you once again Gwen, I absolute adore the yarn and can't wait to knit with it.

Get ready everyone to oooh and ahhhhh. Isn't it gorgeous. With my love of colour, I can't wait to see how it knits up.


I mentioned to Gwen in one of our correspondence to each other, that her timing was perfect. I had come home from work and was having a really down day. I was in tears after listening to talk back radio on my drive home, some of the horrid stories about the fires, people ringing in. I was very upset and walked in to find the parcel on the kitchen table. Sometimes yarn is just what the doctor ordered.

Good heavens. Scrapping, yarn and sewing all in the one post. That hasn't happened for ... well ... not sure if it's ever happened!


gwen said...

First, congratulations on your weight loss. It is so hard to keep on for long enough to achieve one´s goal. You can be proud!
Then, you made lovely bags which I am sure are much needed and will be greatly appreciated.
Finally, I am happy that you like the yarn and I am as impatient as you are to see it knitted.
I hope for you, your family and friends that rain come soon and that the country can start rebuilding.
Take care.

Chocolate Cat said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, wow - that is inspiring!! I think the pages for Black Saturday are needed and done so tastefully, it is something we won't ever and shouldn't forget. I am sure your comfort bags will do just that. It is good to help in whatever way possible. Can't wait to see what you make out of that gorgeous wool.

esther_a said...

Two stone?! That's mighty impressive. Do you feel amazing for it? I didn't have a clue what those comfort bags were that you were referring to - but now I see! What a brilliant idea! They will make such a difference.

Lynne said...

Congratulations - that's a wonderful achievement.

Oooh-aaah to the yarn; I also can't wait to see how it knits up.

The pages are a great record of a dark moment in history. Thanks for sharing.

Polly said...

You are doing so well Carol good on you.

Your pages for black friday are beautiful - a really touching tribute to the total devastation we have experienced here in our own country.

The yarn is so fun, I can't wait to see it knitted up.

Lisa Beth said...

Congratulations!! Well done! I'm happy for you on your hard work and reaching a goal. :-)

Your Black Saturday pages are spot on. Difficult days and such a tragedy. {{hugs}} and prayers for you all.

disa said...