Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V's Day

Seems wrong to go out for dinner tonight, a lovely meal, knowing we can drive in our own car and come back to our own home and sleep in our own bed. I've been sewing up a storm today making the comfort bags. They're so bright and colourful. Picture will be forthcoming.

But until then, here's a favourite picture of me and my honey. I do love this man to the moon and back and I tell him every chance I get.


Credits here.


Lynne said...

What an elegant but simple layout! Well done.

Hope dinner was enjoyable. We had a roast with DD and SIL who came home from their honeymoon yesterday evening.

Victoria said...

Your layouts get right to the heart! You are such a great couple!

The comfort bags sound like a labor of love and hope too!

Polly said...

You are far too cute!!