Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ouch is right. I got myself well and truly sunburnt today. I do seem to have a penchant for wearing sleeveless tops so my arms right to the top are in agony, my face, my cheeks, my nose, you may call me Rudolph if you want, it's shining like a beacon right now.

Lucky had his final class for Grade 1 today. I of course was the proud mama taking more photos. See, I need that scrapbooking t-shirt for sure! He passed with flying colours, we got a lovely little ribbon and were told he's okay to be put up into Grade 2. Talk about feeling proud. Shhhh I shouldn't brag, but not all dogs were invited to go to Grade 2!!

Am I starting to sound pathetic here?

Anyway as for the sunburn, I didn't realize just how hot it was getting standing on the sidelines watching them go through their paces. Was quite funny when one of the lessons today was to walk past food on the ground. The instructor put a line of tidbits down and everyone had to walk on by. Everything that the dogs had learnt, and I mean EVERYTHING went out the window. It was quite funny. But after a few goes round Lucky soon got into his stride and just kept on walking past. Honestly he looks up at Mike and I just know he'll do anything to make Mike proud.

We're just so lucky with our menagerie.

While on the subject of the boy, here's a page I did recently. Got to love this face huh? This is what I get every morning when I leave for work. The menagerie don't realise just how fortunate they are to have one of us here all day with Mike working from home.


Credits here.

Must go see what I can put on this sunburn. Mike wanted to put vinegar on it. Who knows if it will work, but I'm not fancying smelling like a potato chip right now. I think some cool soothing lotion is more the order of the evening.

Enjoy your week everyone.

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Lynne said...

We used to use vinegar too - mixed with milk. The first to take away the sting, the second for moisture! Can't say it worked well, but I can't say that about commercial moisturisers either!! After all, burnt skin is dead skin so no amount of moisturising will revive it, eh?

BTW, get yourself that T-shirt!