Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nearly a week on

The fires are still raging, people are still being found, latest death toll is 181 and rising. I feel so helpless and overwrought with emotion, I know so many are. I can't help but read the newspapers, the stories of every day you and me people, each had a story, the heartwrenching stories are outweighing the miracles. I listen to talk back radio on the way home from work in tears hearing the people ringing in, the generosity of the public, the appeals, the donations. I can't imagine losing everything. Starting again. I can't imagine losing a friend or family member to the hands of this hell.

Mike's cousin lives in Kinglake. He was one of the lucky ones. I'm so thankful for that. So many others aren't.

Lots of ways to help out. Click on the pictures to take you to the sites. Please help those in need.

I'm making rainbow comfort bags, thanks to Jodie who put me onto this website. What a wonderful thing to do for the littlies. I had a lovely time buying bits and pieces to donate with the bags today.

And Tracey of OzCountryQuiltingMum fame has a wonderful idea for making blocks for quilts. What comfort these will give. It will be like wrapping the victims in a hug from afar.

And finally the most famous little koala. Gives us hope. I don't care a fig if this picture was taken during the backburn the week before or once the fire went through at Mirboo North. That is irrelevant to me. This picture however gives us hope for all the animals. They say over a million animals have been lost, all creatures great and small. I can't even imagine those now maimed, in pain or starving out in the bush. You know what a big animal sook I am.



Photos obtained from the net somewhere. Here is Sam all bandaged up on the road to recovery.


Calico said...

I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear you are still OK! You're the only person I know in Australia. I saw a video of that adorable Koala on our local news. I was watching stories of all the devistation there and it is so heartwrenching. I'm like you with the animals, I can't even let myself think about them suffering out there. I hope it ends soon and they will convict those responsible!

esther_a said...

Carol, I drove to our local basketball stadium on the other side of town last night to play volleyball. We drove through some of the burnt area. I thought it would just be a bit burnt, you know? But it was devastation, just like in the news. House after house pulverised. People sifting through rubbish. Police tape around crime scenes. I felt so removed from it all, but it actually came quite a way into the town. Spooky.

Kim said...

Brings tears to my eyes to see this poor animal suffering, so dear is this man giving a drink of desperately needed water and this girl resting her hurt paw in his hand and oh my goodness those bandages on the burned feet...I can't even go to the place where humans and animals died in the fire.