Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well February is well underway, heck it's nearly over. I'm not even going to think about that right now. I'm still going strong with Project 365, but a wee bit behind in pages. No matter, I'm still taking my photos every day.



Credits here.

Twas a bit naughty and had some chocolate tonight. It was delicious. Hands up who has tried Whittaker's Chocolate? It's sensational! It may even rival Nestles for my favourite bite now. Actually whilst eating the chocolate my mind started heading towards Easter. Absolutely depressing that the eggs and buns are in the shops already. Our year is already going full tilt. I think I may make my easter egg shaped shortbread again this year, it was a big hit the year I made everyone a batch.

If anyone else has any other bright ideas for Easter, apart from the norm (because I can be anything but normal!! te he) I'd love to hear it.


Jodie said...

Easter Egg Shapped Shortbread, oooh sounds very yummy... going to share the recipe ???? ;)

Can't really help you with different Easter ideas, in our house Easter Bunny brings a book and a few chocolates.

Lynne said...

Great pages; lovely sunset. I had no idea you were near the coast; I always thought of you in north-west Victoria for some reason!

Amandac said...

Ha me either I imagined you surrounded by bush as far as the eye can see - so you aren't far at all from the coast? Very cool! Loving your 365 layouts carol, those cut outs you are using look great! Sorry to hear about your sunburn, I found the best thing for it is the banana boat after sun aloe gel! It soothes, cools and relieves LOL And a big congrats to Lucky on getting his ribbon, wheat a clever little dog he is!!!And so darn CUTE!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Mmmm actually my dear husband bought me a block of Whittakers this week and it was Yummy!!! At Spotlight on Tuesday I bought a set of easter cookie cutters - egg, carrot, basket, chicken, rabbit shapes. I thought easter cookies might be a nice change.

Lisa Beth said...

What a gorgeous sunset! And yes, will you share your shortbread recipe?