Monday, January 28, 2008

A need was met !!

te he. Yes I did go get myself some chocolate, plus the newspaper, plus some milk, plus some bread. Just so I didn't look too desperate.

What is your chocolate of choice? Mine is white chocolate. Can be Nestles Milky Bar, can be Cadbury, can drool over Lindt, but white chocolate all the way baby!!! All that creamy goodness in one bite. Love love love it. I think there's two camps out there though, you either love it or hate it. Prove me wrong.

I'm in the home stretch of my latest socks, just a plain rib pattern but in the most delicious shades of green and blue from The Knittery. But I'm at that itchy stage that I'm looking longingly at my next chosen yarn and leafing through my patterns. But I must finish these. More so because I need the needles I'm using!! So that's a good incentive.

Now because I showed a layout of Molly yesterday, to be fair, I now must show one of Bo. Please do tell me if you get sick of seeing my dog and cat. Not seeing the kids every day, I do try to take my fair share of photographs of them when I do, even though they've taken to calling me papparazzi now instead of Carol. So in the meantime Bo and Molly become willing (sometimes not so willing) participants of my neverending quest for photographs.

Pink kisses kit by [ksharonkdesigns]
Designer Digitals quote challenge by Mary Ann Wise

Pink Kisses really such a great kit I've used it many times such soft and pretty colours, love the hardware, love the stitched frame, love the alpha. So much to play with. There's a tag in it I've used over and over. I've linked it up if you want to take a closer squiz.

Hope all the Aussies have enjoyed their public holiday off today. We are in a country which loves our days off huh? Celebrate Australia Day and it was actually on Saturday! I'm voting on a national day of knitting. Anyone with me on that score? LOL


Belanna said...

Chocolate confession - I am a Milky Bar kid at heart - do you get those in Oz? They're not available in Canada but twice last year I had some shipped from the's getting to be a habit!
Love the alpha...and Miss Bo must be a very patient putty to be putting up with all those snaps lol!

Lynne said...

Kit Kat Chunky [original Hazelnut flavour] and Crunch! But my all time favourite are those balls of chocolate from Lindt [Lindor I believe they're called - milk, dark or hazelnut, never white. I'm from the dark side, sorry!!]

As for a national knitting day - count my vote!

Anonymous said...

mmmm...I love chocolate too, friend!!! but I love dark chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate filled with dulce de leche, something that is only eaten in Argentina. We make our cakes and desserts with it. mmmm...yummy!!! ;)

Your layout is amazing ;). I love the design!! ;) and I'm a papparazzi, too LOL

Hugs & kisses with love,


Amandac said...

White chocolate here too Carol - esp love those white Lindt balls - yummmy bliss in a ball! Gogeous LO of Miss Bo there, which reminds me I have to do one of my puss - argggh, it's on my to-do list.

Victoria said...

Congrats on the chocolate fix. I do like white chocolate and prefer to buy Lindt. My heart (or hips) long mostly for milk chocolate, but my heart (and hips) believe in diversity, so all varieties of chocolate are welcome! :)

Miss Bojangles are so lovely!

Christine said...

Love seeing pictures of Bo and Molly. Olly and Molly have found quite a few new friends in blogland.

Bells said...

If I'm at work and needing a fix, it's a Snickers. If I'm feeling more decadent, it's something dark and bittersweet and a little more expensive!

See now that's a good reason to have limited sets of needles! My problem is I have several sets in the same sizes now so can just put them down and start something new anytime. I try not to though!