Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A man and his cat

walked into the bathroom just now getting ready for bed, and Mike was in there with Bo Bo having jumped up on the vanity (the cat ... not Mike) and he was giving her goodnight cuddles.  

Love that I am married to the Cat Whisperer.

Think she was loving the attention!!

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Lynne said...

We are wondering what to do with our cat. He is nine years old and has been allowed to roam freely around the neighbourhood during the day and is locked in a screened area, 4.5m x 4m at night when we go to bed which still gives him planets of room to move around. We will have no such place to lock him up at the new house and our block is right on the bush so we have concerns about his impact on the bush and it's impact on him -- especially brown snakes which he would see as a play thing. If the new owners of our house won't take him, the kindest thing may be to surrender him to the RSPCA or have him put down by the vet... I'll let you know what happens to my man's cat!