Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fun shopping

Now I need to say first up that baby shopping is FUN !!!!  Totally.  How can a person not oooh and aaaah over those teeny tiny little pieces.  I wanted to put a bag of things together for my step-daughter "just because".   Tab and Aaron were both coming out for dinner on Saturday night so I just wanted to give them some things.

Oh and although we "know" and a lot of people "know" there are some relatives that don't want to "know" if you "know what I mean".    Lucky those relatives don't read this blog.  ;-)    So if you are reading my mind you will know what I'm talking about ... as in what (shhhh) colour the baby is !!!    

So a snippet of the fun things I put together which she truly appreciated.  And of course one of the little sleep onesies had dogs on it !  Can't help myself.  So there were two sleep onesies, 10 pair of socks, two singlets and two bibs and a stuffed toy.  Fun fun.

This feral looking kitty cat just caught my eye, I couldn't help myself.  No ordinary teddy bears from this nanny, the odder the better huh???

She is really involving us in all things baby, it's been terrific.  I love that she will send Mike a text "I just felt your grandson kick".   He won't admit it but he is secretly loving those little messages.  So we were having fun and looking at all the things she had been looking at on her wish list of things they are saving for.   And Mike and I had already discussed that we wanted to give them something they really needed for the baby, but for her to know that now so she could tick a big ticket item off the list.  This  is the setting she had her eye on and Mike and I looked across the room at each other, did that whole silent look in the eyes "this is it" look and said we wanted to give them this as a gift.  They were just overcome.  But you know, if you can't do this for your grandchild, what can you do right??

Went out for an 11km run this morning, actually I did 12.4km as I think Runkeeper skipped a km, either that or I was in la la land and missed a km clocking over.  Actually I think it may have been due to all the jigging around I had to do when I made a pitstop at the public loos, and trying to get my sweaty leggings up and down my legs and jumping around.  Okay TMI, but you get the picture.

On my way back home I ran through the Apex Rose Garden and realised when you are running, sometimes it's the little things that catch your eye and make you appreciate being out and about.  Look at this stunning rose, the dew on it looked like diamonds in the light, it was stunning.  I quickly snapped a photograph.  So pretty.

Well that's it from me, I'm so knackered, time for bed.  Have a great week ahead and catch you during the week some time.

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Lynne said...

Lovely baby furniture.

This morning was so steamy that walking stopped when I had to go; it's too much trouble to wrestle those bike shorts back on! Fortunately, I'd already done nearly six kilometres!