Friday, February 21, 2014

Back to normal scrapbook pages

Well now that December Daily is well and truly finished with, my next project is to start my holiday album.  I'm a bit paralysed as to how this is going to be set out, so I want to make a plan up first, as I don't want to get knee deep into it and decide I don't like the way it's going.

Esther has shared with me photos from our time together and the beautiful Debi has also shared photos.  It's been so fun to see me from their perspective, almost like reliving the holiday again.  So I can start on the San Diego part of my trip, while I give the other three a wriggle on in case there are some pics of me that I can put in my album from our road trip.  But the way I'm going it's going to take a while to even get to that point.

In the meantime I'll be still plugging away on my 50 things before I turn 50 - I have the photos, just not the pages.  And of course Tabby's beautiful growing baby bump.

This will be the most well documented baby I'm sure.  I want to make an album for the baby from Nanny and Grumpy, and print the pages out for Tabby and Aaron.  Of course they won't get ALL the pages, there'll be some special ones just from us to this precious babe.

Isn't she just the picture of peace here, like it's just meant to be.  She's making sure I'm kept up to date with photographs so that I can scrapbook them for the baby book.  So lucky that she "gets it".

Credits for the scrapbooking supplies of course from Designer Digitals.

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Lynne said...

I'm so pleased you all have that phot. I hate having my photo taken and it was only after DD was born that I realised that there are no photos of a pregnant Lynne! None!