Saturday, March 1, 2014

Noorat to Terang

What fun last night.  Another great locally run event with a wonderful atmosphere.  Local runners all combined to run the 5.92 km race (sheeesh for an even number girl, that number really annoys me!!!  Why couldn't they start it 80 metres up the road, call it 6km and be done with it).  It was all very cruisey and low key, no timing chip, you got your race time on a slip of paper at the end for the certificate you would pick up.  It's all fun, run by the local Lions Club.  

I did another jump for joy at the start, don't mind the crazy eyes.  You may remember I did this last year too.  Looks like it will be an annual event.  (Mind you it took Mike about 10 goes to get this pic in focus, I was knackered by the start of the race!!)  Yes, this is a little country town, you'll notice the stone wall fences behind me.

And of course some of the fabbo girls from our Warrnambool & Surrounds 12wbt crew were there.  Sue here from the crew, and a friend from the town I live in.

And here's Jill and my dear friend Lynn who makes a regular appearance at these events on my blog.  

I'm also in a 1000 km Facebook group, which has the aim to run or walk 1000 km in 12 months.  My goal is to run it.  I'm up to 146 km for the year.  The group is all inspiring and from all over Australia, we just check in with our distances and a bit about what we've been doing.  However Adrienne here is a local girl, and we've never met.  I told her what I would be wearing and she found me.  Here's to new running friends!  Although I might say I didn't see her for dust, she took off and I was a plodder near the back of the pack.

Here's the race start, the walkers had taken off at 6.30pm and they would be using the walking track between the two towns.  The runners however got to run on the main road as the cars had been stopped.  Ready set, waiting for the starters gun, bang!  And they took off.  All except me.  I had started my Runkeeper and was fiddling trying to get my blasted phone in my Spibelt and I looked up and everyone had gone.  Mike was up a little bit waiting, waiting, waiting with the camera, wondering where the heck was I.  Then like a little red caboose I sprinted on past him with a wave and a cheer.

Here I am coming down the home straight, the finish line was in sight.  Hey you don't usually see a pic of me self-levitating, both feet off the ground, go me!

A look of sheer concentration, putting the sprint on to the end.  I had a PB to make.

Oh come on Mike, what have I told you about the bum shots!!!  There will be NO BUM SHOTS!

And winners are grinners!!!  I have no illusions, I will never make a a cracking pace, and mind you the pace did go out fast which saw me get a stitch and had to have a few walks along the way to catch my breath, ouch!   But I was extremely happy.  Last year 43:07.  This year 42:10.    Only 57 seconds faster, but I'll take that and run with it, literally!  :-)

Now I have to pay kudos to Mike, he took lots of photos last night, of friends at the start, of runners passing by, he was snapping like a wild thing, and that camera is heavy you know.  Scoop here taking a rest at the finish line!!

Seriously ... I love this man.  He's always by my side, always cheering me on.  He would have been running last night if not for his knee and ankle problem which he is working on strengthening.  He may have been a bit wistful as the runners ran by.  But I tell you he was there cheering me at the end.  

Next Fun Run is Derrinallum, Market to Mount, 5km finishing at the top of Mount Elephant ... 16 March.

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Lynne said...

Yay for Mike and his continual support. My WM is like that too! Yay for you too, you're doing so well.

I have done just over 178km for the year but have fallen way behind. After the move, we will have to do some lengthy bush walks in the national park (right next door) to catch up!