Sunday, February 9, 2014

The last of my December Daily

And here are the final pages for my December Daily book.  Wonder of wonders, I'm not still making the pages in June!!!  Too many other projects to start and have on the go...

And as seems to be the way with all my projects, I wait until the very end to then do the opening page.  I guess it has given me a chance to see how the pages are going to go, what direction the book will take me in.   I guess I need to see the whole book, to then go back and "set the scene" so to speak. So this is the opening page.

Credits for the Product used:  Designer Digitals

And last but very not least the cover, always the very last thing I do on a project.  And I looooove how this has turned out.  I had it in my mind's eye as to what I wanted to do, fill the cover with photos that spill out and round the edge.  Yes they will be cut off and folded over into the cover and binding, and yes that was what was intended.  I hope it looks as good on an 8x8 book as in my mind it would.  Maybe a cover like this would only work on a larger book.  Time will tell when I get it in my hot little hands.  You might need to click on it to bring it up larger if you want to see the detail.

And so there it is, another Daily December album, silly little photos but lots and lots of memories to look back on.  The iPhone has been a wonderful thing for me, being able to take quick snaps of every day life.  It won't ever replace my big girl camera, but it certainly has a place in my photography repertoire.  Oooooh!  I have a repertoire, who knew??  :-)

But before I go I want to share with you this amazing photograph I took this morning.  I was up and out the door to run before the sun was up, trying to beat the heat of the day.  I ditched my long Saturday morning run for Sunday and soooo glad I did, look at the prize!!   

So in case you missed it, this is what your Sunday morning looked like!! 

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Lynne said...

I think leaving the opening page and the cover to the end is a brilliant idea.

Love the sunrise photo. We are up walking before sunrise every weekday; weekends are not for seeing sunrises!