Friday, February 14, 2014

V Day

Sitting here on the couch, semi watching a movie, Mike on my iPad, me doing a quick blog post, supremely happy.

Had today off work so I went to the Crazy Women's Association ... err ... CWA meeting.  No time to make arvo tea so I  rocked up with this...

Made sure each of the ladies got a heart.  ❤️   It was a day for love so I made sure I was wearing my tshirt that says 'I can't stop falling in love with you.

Off we went for dinner tonight, just down to the local pub, it was yum.

Finished it off with a skinny hot chocolate, mega yum.

So hope your V Day has been lovely in your world.  Although after my meal tonight there will be a long Saturday morning run to make up for my meal tonight.

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Lynne said...

WM's day off. Breakfast at Macca's, pick up car from mechanic (serviced the day before), bi-monthly grocery shopping followed by decluttering of the garage and started on the kitchen! And we didn't even know we would be buying a house then!