Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is what's been happening here ...

Actually it was on the night I was returning from Melbourne, so I missed it all, but Mike could see the smoke from our house, being that we live on the west end of town and the fire was around 4km west of us.   No houses lost, a couple singed I believe.   Mike and I went out a few days after the fire for some photos.   I've never been so near to a large fire like that.  The smell.  And apart from some sheds, feed for animals, fencing, there were no major losses, not like bushfires in days gone by.   So we can thank our lucky stars for that.


Credits Designer Digitals.

You might recall last year I did Jana Morton's Blending & Beyond class. Well okay, so I did TWO WHOLE LESSONS of it! Before life got in the way. Now that she's moved to a new site to teach her classes, she very graciously allowed past students to come over and so here I am the year later finishing off the lessons. This lesson was the spill lesson.

I may not have mentioned it previously, but in the sidebar there you'll see a link to a blog The Chocolate Cat.   I remember when I saw that name, two of my favourite things.  I love to follow her on her crafty endeavours and family exploits.   I'm a bit of a slacko when it comes to reading blogs lately, but the kindness of beautiful bloggers like her must not go unmentioned.   At Christmas time I received a beautiful parcel which contained their school's cook book.  A cook book like no other I might add, so incredibly professionally done.

Well Lise, I made yet another recipe tonight, the Chicken Casserole on page 102 and it was ooooooh so good!   Mike had seconds.  I was planning on having the leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.   Hmmm, next time I may just need to double the recipe.

Okay, better go do something.


Jodie said...

Totally awesome layout Carol!

ksharonk said...

What an exquisite layout, Carol. Such a sad thing to happen, but your page is beautiful! :)

amson said...

So pleased you are safe! Love your photo and layout.