Sunday, March 25, 2012

Curry night !

It was curry night in the G house last night, and OMG the house still smells delicious.  And even better, there will be leftovers tonight and the curry flavour will be more intense.  YUMMO!  I love the smell of cooking in the house, I know there are a lot of people who don't like it, but to me there's nothing more welcoming than coming in from outside and smelling baking, or roasting, or the delicious smells that I remember from kitchens of my childhood.

A curry has been definitely needed this weekend, it's been cold and rainy and drizzly and grey and bleak.  I think we've gone straight from Summer to Winter and skipped the whole Autumn bit, which I'm a bit miffed about being that it's my favourite season.  We'll see.

We had about 5 metres of wood delivered on Friday, YAY!  So we're set for the winter.  Makes me very happy to see all that chopped wood sitting in the wood pile.  And Thursday was the first fire we've lit for the year, so that's telling how chilly it has become.  I came home and the loungeroom was deliciously warm, and it was so nice sitting by the fire and keeping toasty watching telly on Thursday.

On the scrapping front, I was tripping through some old photos and came across this one of my mum at the Twelve Apostles.  So back into the photo folders again to dig out one of me in the same spot.   What a difference.   I'm imagining way back when mum was there, there was probably no guard rail, I can even imagine they probably parked on the side of the Great Ocean Road.  Looking closely and comparing you can see the erosion in some of the Apostles too, and in the comparison the one at my elbow is the one that completely collapsed into the sea.     What a difference that area is now, the big parking area across the road, the visitor's centre, the walk in the tunnel under the Great Ocean Road to get to the other side, the decking viewing vantage point areas.  All so different.   But then you look at these photos, and essentially the same.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So lucky to live down this neck of the woods, only an hour or so drive away.  I just love this place and one of the plans on my bucket list is to go on a helicopter ride over the coastline there.   One day.

Now, off to do some baking, I had Anzac Cookies on the agenda today.   Mmmmmm.


Lisa Beth said...

Love the page you made for the Apostles, well done!

Lynne said...

My husband and I drove the Great Ocean Road in the early 80s during our trip from Sydney via Melbourne to Adelaide. WM took slides - they never came back from processing. All we have are our fading memories.