Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Sunday done and dusted

Sunday night rocks around oh too quickly, don't you think?   After all the rain last night, I pulled some weeds from the garden today and they slipped out like butter.   I also needed to plant the pink cordylines I had bought for down the driveway.   A couple of weeks ago I bought one pink cordyline just to see how it would go.  It has thrived.   Since pulling out the lavender from along the driveway that really had seen better days, I now have a row of seven pink cordylines, which apparently will grow about a metre or so high and wide, so it "should" give a lovely line of pink.   (I say should, because with me, who knows!)

Mike has also been working hard, after band practice this afternoon he came home and went straight up on the carport roof to repair where the wind recently had ripped up the ripply perspex sheets and thrown them across the yard early one morning.   Be blowed if I know what the correct term is for those sheets, but you know what I mean, I'm sure.   So he was up and down a ladder between rain showers this afternoon.

I made a page two today with some of the other photographs I had taken of the aftermath of the fire, so I now have a double page spread.  It's almost like a lunar landscape.


Credits Designer Digitals.

So time for bed.   After a particularly harrowing week last week at work, I do believe next week may be more of the same.  I'm not looking forward to it.   One day at a time, right?

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esther_a said...

A row of pink cordylines will be just the ticket! I hope you will post some photos soon.
Another harrowing week? I'm sorry.
I think we need to retire so we can focus our time on more important things ;)