Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lightening doesn't strike twice

Mike went off this morning, back to the same place he went last week, with the thoughts he would clean up! ha.  Well he fast learnt that lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place and came home empty handed.  No gold.   He still came home pumped, I swear being out in the bush really recharges his batteries.  Although recharged maybe isn't the right word, he's now snoozing on the couch whilst our roast pork does its important cooking work.  It is smelling delicious!

And we had a very special day during the week on Thursday.   Someone had a birthday  :-)


I can say it's been two days and the chew toy doesn't even look like a mark has been made.   Let me tell you Lucky is pretty tough on his toys and well I'm thinking maybe the claim of "indestructible" on the box might just well be true.  


Calico said...

Happy Birthday Lucky!!!!! Enjoy your new toy!

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Lucky, you are one very lucky pooch.