Sunday, February 26, 2012

And here we are, another week over

I fear it's going to be like this all year, counting the year in weeks.  During the week everything is go go go and I only really get to take inventory on the weekends.   Mike has been up in Ballarat today at a Pipe Band event.  I opted to stay home because once again it's been incredibly hot, like it was yesterday.   I feared leaving the old girl out in the back yard all day, sure there's a huge tree for shade, but silly girl doesn't go under the tree to sit under the overhang of the branches.  So I stayed home and did some housework, then flaked it as I was exhausted!   What a wallflower I am.  Molly has been by my side nearly all afternoon.

Then this afternoon the rain came down.  I had just finished sending an email to a friend asking how they were faring higher up in the state, and then down it came, lasted all of five minutes and then stopped.   But as it was bucketing down, Molly decided to go outside and stand in the middle of the driveway and get drenched.  It was so funny, I think she thought ... at last I can get cool !  Until a clap of thunder had her rollicking inside.

Temperature has dropped now thankfully and Mike is now home having a cat nap on the couch, totally exhausted.

I worked really hard this past week...

Really I did.  TRULY.   I had to go to Melbourne on Tuesday, stay overnight for an all day course the next day and then home on the late train, stepping back in the door here at 10pm.   It was a real hardship (giggle), particularly when our two regular contract motels were booked out and they put us up at the Grand Mecure.   That is me and one of my work colleagues.  Not only that but when we arrived, they upgraded us.  TO A SUITE EACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am not kidding you.  Five rooms of luxury.   95 square metres of luxury so the brochure said.   Kitchen/dining, a loungeroom twice the size of ours here at home, the biggest TV I've ever seen, an office/study area, a bedroom with the most comfortable king sized bed I've ever slept in and honestly if not for the course, I would have stayed in that bed until check out time!  And a bathtub that I spent an hour almost swimming in, it was huge, up to my shoulders, I had bubbles galore going.

Yep, life is tough.   There will be a scrapbook page coming  :-)

On the scrapping front...

One of the fun things about Designer Digitals are the challenges they put up, lots of different challenges to grab your interest.  I played along this week with the template challenge.  I love when you can start with a template and end up putting your own spin on it, and particularly that you can use it over and over and each page will come out differently.

So here's the template that was used:

And this was the finished product and how I used it.   I have a friend who sometimes visits this blog and has a look at what I've been up to, and I just know he is going to have a laugh at all this purple and somehow not be surprised at all about it.   Oh, and don't ask me what some of these flowers are, my style of gardening is popping them in, sprinkle a bit of "stuff" on them, water each day, cross fingers and hope for the best.   Most plants of which I have thrown the tags out, so no idea what they are.  I especially can't remember the top 2nd from left and the bottom left right corner.  Although that might be an Astra or Aster or Asta or something like that.


The journalling if you want to read is:  "I really didn’t realize just how much purple I had planted in the garden until I decided to take some photos. When I looked at the colours when the photos downloaded from the camera, it just made me happy."

I mentioned in the last post that I now had ACDSee and was happily tagging all my products.   I am a long LONG way from finishing tagging, but I did use some of the products on this page which I was able to find in an instant with ACDSee's search of  "purple".   That made me happy no end.  I'm having a mini love affair all over again with some of the products I have forgotten I have buried deep in my computer.

Movie Review...

I don't often go to the movies but here's a review for you.  A couple of girlfriends from town here got together and went out for dinner on Friday night and went to see "This means War".  LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH, not to mention the guys in it, particularly the one with the British accent, was a hottie.  There's a trailer linked up on their website, don't let the first minute fool you, I thought WHAT?!? when I watched the trailer, this is a shoot 'em up, knock 'em down boy movie.  Not so.

And with that, the temp has dropped a bit, I may just go and make a cup of tea and sit on the front porch and pick up some breeze with a bit of luck.


Polly said...

Oh Carol, your suite sounds divine, lucky lucky you, but noone could deserve a little treat like that any more than you x

Lynne said...

Purple is my favourite colour and I love purple in the garden.

Cass said...

Oh, you poor thing. Swanning around in all that luxury sounds just wonderful! Although I hear you on the hot weather, we had it here and sent it on with interest. Although we didn't get the rain, which is disappointing for the garden.

I'm dying to see that movie.... I first saw the trailer ages ago and it looks hysterical. Must make the effort to go OUT for a change!! Thanks for the encouragement :)

amson said...

What a difficult week Carol. Upgraded to suite - what fun! Guess you'll be signing up for every course available now..