Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I feel mildly unsatisfied ...

Came home tonight about 6.15 and knew Mike had to be somewhere at 7pm, and having planned for it, I had already worked out the quickest meal I have on the menu.   My zucchini, bacon and tomato pasta.  Okay so I may as well add here that being that Mike works at home, and knowing he had to go out, why he couldn't have started dinner, well that's one of the mysteries of the universe, lets just say.

So I go to the fridge right now to grab some milk for my cuppa and what do I see sitting there ... the zucchini.  I made dinner in such record time I had completely forgotten the zucchini, and didn't even realise it.  Now I am a bit miffed.

So anyway, for the quickest eat ever and there are really no quantities, just add how much of each that you wish.
  • Boil up some pasta, I usually use penne noodles.
  • In the meantime fry up a chopped onion, chopped few rashers of bacon and chopped zucchini (ha!)
  • Once they are soft and look nice a cooked, throw in a can of tomatoes, I usually use crushed tomatoes.
  • Heat in the pan and add a number of spoons of lite sour cream, however much you want for a creamy consistency.
  • Add the drained pasta.
  • Throw in some parmesan cheese.  For convenience I buy the already grated one and keep a bag in the freezer.
  • Mix, serve, add more parmesan on top if you want.
  • Done.

Gotta love meals like that.   Now I'm left with an unused zucchini    :-(

Here's a page I did recently with my beautiful menagerie in it.   Although tonight I'm not so sure.   Lucky just went chasing Bo down the passageway, and she's turned into scatty cat, every now and then doing a lap up and down the passageway and then under the bed, Molly got such a fright she yelped as they went past and now she wants her tummy rubbed.  Never a dull moment.


Credits Designer Digitals.

I'm just loving this aqua paper, such texture to it, I can't wait to see how it prints up.    Which reminds me, another order to Persnickety will need to be made.   I've been getting some single pages done.  I do plan on making yearly books with random pages in it, once I know I've scrapped every single photo from a year that I want to, but in the meantime I just love to have something tangible.

Here's the paper pack, such pretty colours:

Right, that's it, long weekend is fast looming, can't wait for a lovely 3 day break.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Oh thank you for a new recipe that looks just up my alley, quick, easy and tasty! Glad you are enjoying your cookbook!