Thursday, March 22, 2012

First time this year

Well yes the year is still young, but who'd have thought in March it would be cold enough, rainy enough, windy enough to warrant lighting the wood fire.  But yes, today was the day.  I came home from work and walked into a lovely toasty loungeroom.   And it was so nice tonight, listening to the rain outside, lounging around watching TV with the glow of the fireplace keeping me warm.

Does this mean we've seen the last of the warm weather?  I hope not.  I have always loved those bright but crisp days of Autumn, with a few warm ones out of the box thrown in, it's my favourite month of the year.

So with this cold and rainy weather today, it might balance things out if I show this page I created a little bit ago, with a photo taken on what was probably the hottest night of the year!   This was New Years Eve down at Port Fairy, Mike was playing with the pipe band in the street parade, and as it happened my scrapping friend and Designer Digitals CT cohort ;-) Esther was down at Port Fairy with her family, so we got to catch up for a while and play papparazzi while the parade was happening.


Credits Designer Digitals

Thanks to Esther's husband for taking a photo with no chins!   Got to like a man who knows the importance of that! te he.   One of the main things I remember about this parade was that the day had been so hot that the road actually melted!  They had to throw gravel down the road to mop up the soggy tar.

One more day and then the weekend, yay!

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ksharonk said...

I LOVE this photo and layout of you too ... we must catch up before I head back north at the end of next year! :)