Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gotta love weekends like this, no plans, well nothing huge, three days (thank you Labour Day in Victoria on Monday!!) and just cruising.   I even had a nana nap this afternoon, bliss !   Woke up to find the dogs on the floor beside the bed napping too, ha!  Must have been the walk I took Lucky on earlier today had worn us out.  Molly stayed at home munching on a bone.  She's getting too old for a walk a couple of times round the lake.  Around the block or up the side of the golf course up the road is enough for her these days.

Still tagging like crazy, it will NEVER end !  Of that I'm sure.

Had number one stepson for dinner here last night which was terrific.  I love it when he comes for dinner, he was travelling through and sometimes stops for a bite.  He's waiting for a very important phone call tonight.  No news yet, so once we find out about something I'll be able to tell.  I'm crossing fingers and toes like no other.   Lets hope by tomorrow I have something wonderful to tell you.  :-)

Katie has some beautiful pocket templates in the store at the moment for Project Life, and although I'm not doing the Project, it isn't stopping me from using them for regular scrapping.  I feel so cheaty though, these particular ones are so beautiful as is, you just need to pick some paper and call it a day.  I did add a few extra embellishments in the butterflies and change the pockets around.  Love scrapping when someone else has done the thinking!

I also LOVE this photograph of my grandparents, probably my favourite photograph of them.  And if you want to read my journalling, here tis:

"I look at my grandparents in awe and hope that my marriage with Mike mirrors what they had throughout the ages. They married in June of 1940, along with plenty of jokes as it was the shortest day and the longest night of the year. I do believe that humour was a basis to their love and commitment over the years. Mike is a lot like grandpa, a hardworking larrikin and I guess I’m a lot like grandma, devoted to the man I love. They were never afraid to show affection, always a look here, a touch there and a sneaky kiss, with Harry always making Ivy laugh. They were married for 57 years before Harry passed away in 1997 with Ivy by his side. With the love of her life gone, Ivy missed him desperately, but lived another ten years before slipping away in her sleep in 2007, more than likely dreaming of her handsome prince Harry. At last, together again."


Credits Designer Digitals.

 And see what I mean, how creative are these templates for speed scrapping at it's finest!

Okay well it's leftovers for dinner tonight, I made the chicken casserole again from the school cookbook that the Chocolate Cat sent me.  It's going to be a regular in the G house I do believe.


Chocolate Cat said...

What a beautiful photo! Must try that chicken casserole this week!! The weekend is going far too quickly, I waved as we passed through today!

amson said...

the photo of your grandparents is totally precious! Love this page...

alexa said...

Such a soft and delicate page ... lovely, lovely memories.

Lynne said...

Lovely photo and great journalling.