Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good bye DLS

Good bye DLS, I will miss you so.  Day Light Savings that is.  This means I'll soon be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.  I really hate that.  I feel like I'm a temporary resident in my town when not in day light saving.  No one sees me around except fleetingly on weekends.  It's like I don't exist during the week because I'm not out and about after dinner.

Big week last week and a HUGE weekend.

Saturday I travelled up to Melbourne to catch up with Esther and to meet Lynn Grieveson, one of the fabulous designers at Designer Digitals.  She was passing through Melbourne and we jumped at the chance when she asked if we could perhaps all meet.   The two hours, or actually one and a half for me being that my train got in half an hour after Esther's, went oh so fast.   We all didn't stop talking the entire time.   We had a cuppa and then stretched our legs for a walk down Southbank.  It was terrific.   Quite frankly I was just a wee bit star struck if truth be known.  I do consider Lynn to be one of the premier designers in the Digi Scrapping world.  And I know Esther feels the same, we were both just a tad nervous before hand.  But when we met it was like we'd known each other for years.

Too many dodgy people around for us to hand over our big girl cameras to, so we each took a photo.  I had one of Esther and Lynn.  Esther had one of me and Lynn.  Lynn has one of me and Esther!   We should just put our photoshop skills together and make it like we're all in the same shot!


Crazy huh?  Six hours of train travel just to spend an hour and a half for a cup of coffee and a chat.  And you know what ... worth every minute of it !!   Esther and I made the most of it and had some lunch and I do believe being that Esther's train was later than mine in leaving, that she went home with a lighter wallet but with heavy shopping bags ;-)

Today was another big day.  Mike was playing at a garden party at Dalvui Homestead.  MAGNIFICENT!  I had a lot of fun just wandering through the gardens taking photographs of the flowers.  There will definitely be a layout coming!  

So now, time for bed.   It's nearly 11pm which means it was nearly midnight only a day ago!   I'm half asleep on my chair here.

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Fiona said...

How wonderful that you and Esther got to spend time with Lynn! I got the chance to meet her in Vegas and she's such a sweet person I would definitely say the 6 hour train journey was worth it! Bet you guys never stopped talking for the whole time you were together LOL!!!