Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm not updating very well am I?

Gosh, another week gone by and I've only just made it in by the skin of my teeth. And sorry friends, no Abba/boa photos. There would have been on sitting in the audience at the show before it started, but as I asked the lady in front to look back and take our photo, I got told off by the usher. Apparently no photos to be taken inside the Majestys. Hmmmph. The show hadn't even started.

So I ended back in Melbourne again on Thursday and Friday for work. I got an overnighter which was nice. I even rode the trams ON MY OWN! (mind you I wouldn't have been that brave had we not done so the weekend before). Plus best news of the lot, Myer was open until 8pm, so what's a girl to do on her own in Melbourne? But shop once more!

Got to love the 50% off the already reduced price racks.

creashens has a very fun monthly page, perfect for Project 365's in the shop right now, her swell sets are great, you not only get the quick page, but the layered files if you feel that way inclined, plus the extra goodies to place wherever you like. Great value. Because I'm not doing the P365 this year, I thought I would use the template in a different way to document some photos from last year. This is from Swell Set No.6.



esther_a said...

So we both got in trouble for taking photos the same weekend ;) Aren't we evil?!!!

Lynne said...

What? No photos in the theatre? You're kidding! Perhaps you should have taken knitting as a distraction! LOL

*Christie* said...

I love what you have done with this page.. a wonderful overview, so clever too with your journaling and the photo of you and your camera. LOVE IT! Your photographs are spectacular, too.

Simply Vixen said...

am luv'n your memories page, carol
great photos, and you're looking pretty cute there in that self-portrait... am totally bumbed out about the abba/boa photos, oh well, you had a great time and shared it with us, and that's all that counts!

Victoria said...

Absolutely beautiful eyes, too! Fabulous always!