Friday, March 19, 2010

Work week is over

Oh how I love my Friday nights. Mike has watched the last episode of Shogun tonight, it's been on Austar all week and he's thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've been packaging up my little easter goodies in time for the easter bunny ;-) Every year I like to do something different and this year I've parcelled up bags of chocolate coated peanuts, sultanas, almonds, clinkers, maltesers and bullets, and labelled them "bunny poo" !!! hahaha I've also tagged them with a picture of a bunny and a little verse:

The Easter Bunny came last night
So listen here's the scoop
He left a special treat for you
A bag of bunny poop!

They look great. But can I say just how darn quick this year is already going. And I've not succumbed before now to buying a hot cross bun, but I did today. I had staunchly refused not to get any until my first one on Good Friday, but walking past Bakers Delight today I couldn't resist that spicy fruity smell. Breakfast will be a fine fare tomorrow ;-)

Sharon has another PAD set out at twolittlepixels for all those people doing a photo a day project. I love that it's a quick and easy (not to mention clean) way of displaying photos. They're coming in handy for our home improvement layouts.

I need to dispell the rumour that Mike is doing all the painting, I'm certainly doing my fair share too. Fashion is not pretty when painting is involved. You can see here the green of the house previously and the very crisp clean creamy colour it's becoming. It's still a shock when I drive round the corner up to our house, I still get a start when I see how bright it looks.


I'm still very much enjoying the process and we hope to get another big chunk of the side done this weekend. My brother and his family are coming down on Easter Saturday and he doesn't know we've changed the colour of the house. It's amost a race for me now to get as much done before then, just to see the expression on his face. It will be priceless.

So I can't believe I'm saying this, but lets cross fingers there's no rain this weekend.

Oh and I've even planted a garden out the front now. Mind you I don't like gardening, not one bit. But it's been a bit desolate out the front for a while, with only some wild and old roses for colour. I've ordered a stack of bulbs which I'm yet to receive - freesias, crocus and snowdrops. So to date I've only put alyssum in amongst the rocks (our garden area is lined with big rocks, courtesy of our rocky countryside around here). Much like the rocks in the stone walls.

So lets hope it all takes off and adds some colour to the front. My potted geraniums I put together last weekend certainly look very pretty, bright reds and pinks. So they've instantly added some appeal.

Well that's it from me tonight, off to bed.


Lynne said...

a photo of Carol woo-hoo! Good luck on getting the painting dome before Easter (I know that' not what you said but...

The bunny poo is a great idea!

amson said...

Such an elegant layout! Great photo and you look so enthusiastic.

Simply Vixen said...

oh carol, I made hot cross buns for St Pattys Day, but it was so late that night when they went in the oven, I forgot to put the crosses in them lol (they still taste just as good tho, hope you enjoyed yours, as much as I enjoyed mine, and that's plural lol)

luv "your" house reno photo, and page too! (I usually have as much paint on me as the wall lol)
keep up the good work!