Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Count your blessings

Well the week went fast and the weekend faster. No matter if you make plans, things are bound to make them go awry. Last Sunday was just that day.

Started off like any other Sunday, a wee little sleep in, a bit of breakfast, pottering round, until a strange little black dog wandered into our yard, mind you the gates were closed, but it found its way in to play with Molly and Lucky.

We had no idea who it belonged to so decided to grab a lead and walk up the street to ask a few people. As we were over outside a friends house talking another friend who was walking a rottweiler came down the road. We were about 20 feet even more away and the rottie saw the little black dog and went ballistic. She had no way of holding on and it dragged her the distance across the road and straight for the little black dog.

Without thinking Mike picked up the little dog and as the rottie came flying through the air at him to get the dog, Mike raised his arm and span away trying to deflect the attack and unfortunately was bitten under the arm and on the chest, kind of under the breast plate area.

It all happened so quickly, our friend with the rottie was in hysterics, but she got the dog in check and we told her to just go. I actually hadn't realised at that stage that Mike had been bitten until I saw his shirt and singlet ripped open and he wouldn't let his hand leave his chest. He said he felt like he was burnt and it looked nasty so I raced back home, put the little black dog in the backyard with our two and grabbed the car to take Mike to the emergency at the hospital in the next town.

He had started to bleed at that stage and I think I made the 20 minute journey in about 10. They cleaned his wound, gave him a tetanus, bandaged him up and told him how lucky he was. No stitches needed but hopefully with the fake skin stuff they put over it, it will heal itself. Actually when the nurse winced when she saw it, it didn't give me much confidence. When a nurse winces it doesn't feel all that great.

So he's healing okay now, still very stiff and sore. And I think it's now more the "what if's". What if it was a little kid with the little black dog. What if it was an elderly person walking the little black dog. What if it was me who was holding the little black dog. I think I would have frozen. Mike's quick instincts in deflecting the full on attack is what saved him from a worse injury.

We hadn't even made our way home from the hospital and our friend's uncle came to meet up with us to let us know the rottie had already been put down, at their request.

One crazy Sunday morning where all hell broke loose and we counted our blessings it wasn't worse than it was.

PS: Oh and the outcome to the little black dog saga. We got home ready to deal with the little dog and it was gone. Just as it had broken in to our yard, it broke out the very same way. Mike said, "well that's about right, I go and save it's $%#)&^! life and it pisses off on me". So wherever you are little black dog, you were lucky you had my man there by your side.


esther_a said...

Well, where are all the gruesome photos and the LO? Huh?! Are you a photographer/scrapbooker or a mouse?!! ;)
Actually, I think my camera would have been last thing I would have thought of, too.

Lynne said...

Ungrateful little beggar!

I'm so sorry to hear this story and I hope Mike completely recovers soon. That dog was indeed lucky that it was Mike who was holding it.

I feel sorry for the Rottweiler's owners; I'm sure they loved their dog as much as you love yours but they did the right thing. They are dangerous animals and it is hard to hold a 70kg attacking animal in check!

Our next door neighbours have had a succession of (breeding) male rottweilers since we moved in eighteen years ago. The people we bought the house from said one had pushed through the colourbond fence to get to the cat on the other side! It almost stopped me from going into our backyard except that once through the colourbond fence the rottie would still have to deal with the swimming pool safety fence giving me time to escape into the house, I hope! The neighbour's respone to the incident: the cat was at fault for walking along the fence and teasing the dog!

Simply Vixen said...

am sure glad mike is ok, are U?
never a dull moment, eh gf?
am wondering if the lil' black dog snuck into the rottie's yard, and escaped, but the rottie didn't forget

happy easter!

Amandac said...

Oh wow hun that is such a scary thing to have happen! I hope that Mike heals up quickly and that little black dog is out there thanking his lucky stars that Mike was there! I hope that you both have a lovely quiet Easter and you dont go out wrestling with any other dogs! {hugs}

Lisa Beth said...

Good Lord, what an awful incident all round. Everyone trying to do the right and neighborly thing all gone wrong. Poor Mike, poor you, and your poor Rottweiler neighbor. :-( Hope Mike is healing up quickly.

Cass said...

What a terrifying moment for you all... I'm so glad that Mike is ok, and as you say, thank goodness it wasn't so much worse. Take care of him, and yourself!